Why I Uninstalled Stitcher from my Android Phone: Horror, Death and Pain

(update: Stitcher responded and I haven’t had the problem again, see the comments)

Here is my email to the Stitcher.com folks:

In April I wrote that I was uninstalling Stitcher “because the only “daily update” news I ever get is of horror, death, and pain. Sure, if it bleeds it leads, but not on my phone.”

You guys wrote back and showed me how to disable notifications in the Settings so I reinstalled Stitcher and disabled notifications. Today the app chimed in out of the blue telling me about a multiple murder “deadly shooting rampage” in St. Louis complete with a photo of a man in a gurney being rushing into an ambulance by paramedics.

I am guessing Stitcher updated itself and the settings didn’t carry over from the previous install.

Please answer this: why should I subject myself to such persistent negativity when I have clearly asked you and your app to stop?


  1. lee says:

    I got a sympathetic and technical response from Stitcher support (see below) so I’m not giving up on them yet. I still don’t know why the Daily Notifications feature got turned back on again. But it happily seems that it isn’t Sticher’s policy to switch it back on willy-nilly.

    Hey Lee,

    First off, thanks for taking the time to send us another feedback message about the troubles you are having with our app & that we are causing. I also want to sympathize with you and your outlook towards current “news.” Whatever value may be mixed in to the stream of stories is completely overshadowed by the blood, murder, catastrophe, and drama that is unfortunately ferociously ingested by the majority of the public. That is why I choose not to acknowledge it. However that would be hard with Stitcher sending you alerts whenever something including these traits decides to happen.

    So back to the issue at hand, I’m sorry this issue is occurring but I may know why it is and how to fix it. I have one key question – when you reinstalled Stitcher did you log in with the same account or register a new user?

    I ask this because our alert system sends alerts to every user that has notifications enabled, and we send them to the last device the account was registered on.

    Therefore, if you have 2 accounts registered to your phone and one of them has notifications enabled, even though it’s not the account you’re currently using, it’s possible you’re getting it’s notifications.

    Get back to me with the answer to my question. If you did in fact register a new user when installing we can go and manually turn off notifications for your initial account.


    Stitcher Team

  2. Turn off switch says:

    Why wont Stitcher turn off when you hit the X. There is no turn off button. Its really annoying as on my tablet if I have it on me it will start playing a show. I really like the podcasts but why haven’t you put a turn off switch – that actually works on it? The only thing I can think of is your tracking people for marketing purposes and selling the info. Otherwise why wouldn’t you? Have a little consciousness please. I am seeking other podcast sites that will turn off for me.

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