A friend asked “Howareya?” My response:

Grad school (Samuel Merritt OT Master’s program) application was crazy.

3 classes:
* Stats is harder than I remember
* My Abnormal Psych Professor has some weird issue with me
* Interpersonal Communications is actually kinda fun

volunteering at Occupational Therapy clinic in Sausalito… the ferry ride is great, the profession is very interesting and worthwhile

Had trouble with Unemployment AGAIN… they faulted me for trying to save them money so I had to see a judge… the judge said, “WTF is EDD trying to do here? You’re good.”

Girlfriend situation is going very well.

gotta study for the GRE for my next grad school application (San Jose State OT Master’s program). San Jose State costs $20k, Samuel Merritt costs $80k. San Jose is my first choice school ;-)

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