Boomerang for Gmail Continues to Rock

I wrote about Boomerang for Gmail in May. This tool continues to rock and be useful every single day. Gmail introduced a new Compose screen and I panicked, worrying this Gmail add-on would be left in the dust. But read from their post…

As soon as we saw the announcement, our engineers strapped on their capes, grabbed their wizard hats, and set to work. Less than 48 hours after the Gmail team announced the new experience, the new Compose view and Boomerang were working together in harmony.


Get Boomerang for Gmail here.  (that is a referral link, if you use it, we both get some tiny free prizes like  these.


  1. Alex says:

    Thanks, Lee! Glad you’re liking the extension and the new updates :) Love the MS-Paint art :-D

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