SRL Was on the Cutting Edge When I Was in Elementary School

This is art. And incredible.

SRL staged the Crime Wave show in 1995 after which Mark Pauline and Mike Dingle were promptly arrested and questioned by local authorities and the FBI and later charged with arson and the use of explosives to endanger the public…

Here’s an excerpt from their 1989 show:

local version:

Notes from the Youtube video:

This is a show we staged under the 101 freeway which involved among other inadvisable things, the burning of 20 pianos against a freeway support. Also notable for a week long bomb scare caused by 300 or so TNT canisters we filled with plaster and fitted with fake blasting caps that had cannon fuse protruding from them. We filled a large plastic bag with these and at the end of the show machines ripped the bag apart scattering the canisters. Then we took a canister filled with about 80 grams of black powder and set it off. The audience thought the rest were real…..Video Shoot Directed by Jon Reiss, Video edited by Leslie Asako Gladsjo.

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