Really Nice Laser Printer

I’ve had my HP Laserjet P1606dn for almost a year now and I’m really happy with it.

reliable paper feeding… I’ve had printers that feed poorly
small footprint… it’s a tiny printer, really
double-sided printing… works great, professional looking and saves paper
inexpensive to operate… with my aftermarket toner. The eBay seller “Toplinkinc” sells toner cartridges for it for $13. My first cartridge from them just ran out, I got 1,700 pages out of it. That’s less than 1 cent per page for ink! Why does HP sell this same toner for $79 (5 times the price per page!) ??

Don’t buy an inkjet printer unless you REALLY NEED color, and you need it cheap, and you need it to fail when you least expect it. The cartridges are VERY expensive and they dry out when you least expect them to. You have been warned.
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