Recent Good Things

I helped a friend connect with some new passions. – D. writes “Seriously, it’s funny how I’ve been stumbling around in my own little world on how to do music-light-flame art that can be interactive, rather than a passive audience, and here you’ve shown me a whole community working on PID (Physical Interactive Design) for Music.”

EDD problems resolved – I can take a few classes at City College as long as they don’t interfere with work at the Crucible. My classes are generally during the day and I teach generally at night. And most importantly, “job offers” at the Crucible are rarely “bonafide offers of work” since they are almost always contingent upon us having enough students.

Megan loves me :-)

I found a nice outfit for a wedding a few weeks ago – good clothes are nice!

I found a good physiology class – I had a teacher I didn’t jell with so I switched and it was awesome

I’m set to apply for Diagnostic Medical Imaging (DMI) in August

Megan’s suggestion to apply for an Occupational Therapy (OT) program is a good one, I’m checking it out

I know I don’t like Radiation Therapy (RTT) – My dad had suggested I look into it as a career; I went forward with allied health and just recently got to shadow some folks at CPMC Medical Center. Yow! That is not for me!

I converted the miles on a new credit card to dollars and I’ve got $500 free money burning a hole in my pocket

Not having a car for the last 3 months has been OK (except for hurting my knees on my bike! but I’ll figure that out)


  1. Michael says:

    Isn’t it spelled “gel”?

    Jell is the one that wobbles as you stare at it and seriously confuses Czech expats.

  2. lee says:

    Chrome spellcheck didn’t balk at it so it has to be right. ;-)

  3. muffin says:

    I always had a feeling you wouldn’t be able to do it. Some really sad stuff there and you’re almost too empathetic for it.

    Part of why I loved the idea of being a forensic pathologist as a fantasy dream, but dealing with investigations on children I knew I would never ever be able to do.

    I can totally respect your choice, have you spoken to M&D?

  4. friscolex says:

    Yay! Good things. Deserved, so not surprising!!

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