Aced Anatomy! Aced Chemistry! Aced Physics!

Rock and roll! I aced my semester!

A * Human Anatomy
A * Medical Chemistry
A * Conceptual Physics
P * (Pass) Fitness Center

(don’t feel you need to read the rest of this post)

Here is what I took this semester

 CRN, section, day of week, time                      Units,  Location, Professor
ANAT  25   General Human Anatomy                       4.0
Study of the gross and microscopic structure of the human body. UC/CSU
 30302 002 Lec  T R  09:30-11:00AM                          SCIE  100  Guthrie, M         
 31543 023 Lab    R  12:00-03:00PM                          SCIE  347  Guthrie, M
CHEM  32   Intro to Medical Chemistry                  4.0
Basic concepts of inorganic and organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physics as they apply
to the chemistry and physics of the human body. CSU
Open to all students. No previous chemistry or physics required. Satisfies the requirements
of nursing and related majors that require one semester of chemistry. Also satisfies the
recommended prerequisite for Physiology 12 and MB 12. Students taking a major that requires
two semesters of chemistry should enroll in CHEM 101A or 103A should enroll in CHEM 40.
 32533 353 L/L   W   11:00-02:00PM             1125 Valencia St.  364  Fong, L            
               M W   09:00-10:30AM             1125 Valencia St.  106  Fong, L
PE   200C  Fitness Center Super Circuit                2.0
 33367 001 Lab       HOURS ARR                              WELL  201
PHYC 10    Conceptual Physics                          3.0
A conceptual, almost non-mathematical, introduction to physics with demonstrations. Topics
 from mechanics, properties of matter, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, light, nuclear
 physics, and relativity. Emphasis on topics that lead to a better understanding of our
technological society and physical environment. UC/CSU
 31746 551 Lec   W   06:30-09:30PM             1125 Valencia St.  106  Tesler, P          
PHYC 10L   Conceptual Physics (Lab)                    1.0
PREREQ.: Completion/concurrent enrollment in PHYC 10
Laboratory experiments involving basic physics concepts. Emphasis on concept development,
data handling, and laboratory skills. UC/CSU
Required for students enrolled in the curriculum in RADL
 31747 601 Lab  SAT  09:00-12:00PM                          SCIE  158  Yan, H

                                semester total units = 14

Looking at the final grade sheet… 146 students started the class. Of those …
. . . 65% (96) passed (C or better)
. . . 34% (50) didn’t pass (D, F, drop, W)

. . . 21% (31) got an A, like me!

# of students in each category
A: 31 (90%+)
B: 30 (80%+)
C: 35 (67%+ or so)
D: 10 (48%+ or so)
F: 11
Drop or W: 29

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