Got DSL Service

I just installed DSL service. So far, it’s going great. I called Customer Support 3 times to hammer out setting things up and they were always quick to answer, very helpful, and nice.

I’m using an SBGGlobal Siemens SpeedStream 4100 ADSL modem. I thought it did ADSL2+ as well but I was wrong. My modem will go up to 8mbps. I ordered a $65 (inclusive) ADSL2+ modem so I should be up to 20mbps in a week.

AT&T = 5mbps down, 0.5mbps up
Sonic = 7mbps down, 0.8mbps up
Sonic with new ADSL2+ modem = 20 mbps down, [??] mbps up

To set up your service:
* Switch your DSL modem to “Bridged Mode (PPPoE is not used)”
* Set your router to DHCP
* Set your router’s DNS to Sonic’s DNS
* * Primary DNS
* * Secondary DNS

Update 12-11-11: The new modem showed up today. It was plug and play :-)
The speed was limited at 8mbps so I called support. The technical support reps primary suggestion was that the wiring in my building wasn’t good enough. I plugged the DSL modem into the wall right next to my phone jack but that didn’t help.

Then he tried uncapping the line (telling the DSL modem to go as fast as possible even though it didn’t think the line was good enough) and I’m now getting 16mbps down, 0.8mbps up :-). With the uncapping, maybe everything will suddenly go bad when the humidity climbs or when there are sunspots, but then maybe not. Life is a chance.

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  1. J.D. says:

    I love my DSL service. They even have shell accounts and do outgoing and incoming faxes for those few times per decade you still need that!

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