Went to Glide Holiday Jam: The Love Groove

I have to thank Cindy for getting me two tickets to the Glide Church Holiday Jam. Thursday night I took Allison to this event at the Warfield. It’s so easy to forget how music lifts the soul. The Glide Ensemble, Tom Johnston from the Doobie Brothers sang Listen to the Music and other amazing songs, Sheila E and her dad Pete Escovedo played several numbers, Maze Daiko rocked, and the greatest cover band I ever heard POPLYFE played (I suspect they won’t be a cover band for long! the father of the lead singer sat in front of us, he described how noone in the band is over 16. Correction! They have original songs, at the show, they did some AMAZING covers), Valerie Simpson (from the huge writing duo of Ashford and Simpson) sang “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing”, wow.

The food before during and after was great. The hors d’oeuvres after kicked ass, and the company was terrific.


  1. muffin says:

    We deadheads, used to call the warfield our church…

  2. lee says:

    Inside, there are photos of all the great acts that have played there. There’s hundreds. Jerry’s photo has just about the most prominent photo in the place. It’s set aside from the rest, in an inset wall fixture. Walk in the front door, walk about 6 paces in, turn right, there he is.

  3. muffin says:

    there is amural of him on the outside back alley wall

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