Look, a Dragonfly!

I’ve been posting to Craigslist a bit recently. Phew, the spammers love the Craigslist. Every post generates about 5 spams. It’s possible that Craigslist is filtering another 5,000 automatically. Feh.

So I’ve been seeing the message belowa lot. It’s kind of cute, isn’t it? A nice distraction from my, probably more realistic image of a scruffy bearded, sloven, nasty, smelly programmer sitting in some poorly lit bunker in Chelyabinsk, Russia whispering dirty sweet-nothings into my email.

Thanks Craiglist for making reporting spammers a little cheerier.


Thanks for flagging.

On behalf of your fellow craigslist users, thanks for taking the time to flag!

( look, a dragonfly! )
        o  @..@
         ( )--( )


  1. Tom says:

    Hey Man,

    I’m not a spammer and you’ve emailed me twice with your logo. I’m trying to sell my skateboard for $60 that I bought on Amazon for $100 plus shipping. I don’t know if this is you but please stop. I’m going to grad school at UCSB and need money.


  2. lee says:


    Ummm. You seem to be are unclear on who is responsible for what on the internets.

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