How to get useful Fitlinxx graphs

I’m using the gym at CCSF. All the machines are tied in to Fitlinxx so they record your weights, reps, minutes on the treadmill, etc. My problem is, the Fitlinxx charting system sucks rocks. What I want to see is… I don’t know… my progress. Instead I get semi-useless aggregate data like this:

All I want is to see a chart of my progress in each exercise. Just give me the weight and rep data and I’ll put it in Excel! How do I friggin do this?

I’ve asked the staff but they don’t know.

Is information like this useful to YOU?


  1. Free says:

    I have no advice, just sympathy. I’m also a Fitlinxx user. And while you can see progress from one day to the next, getting an overview of progress over time is just about impossible.

  2. lee says:



  3. […] system but it’s pretty good and convenient to tell you what weight you did last time. The Fitlinxx online charts effing suck. It took me 45 minutes of copy-pasting and reformatting to get the data you see […]

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