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Google Labs Suggestion: Sending gmail creates a followup calendar item

If you think the following would be a good idea, write a +1 Reply to my post in Suggest a Google Labs Feature.

Subject:Sending email creates a followup calendar item

Sometimes I want to be reminded to followup on an email that I send. I propose that users be able to create Google Calendar items that are automatically populated with email contents.

The best thing is that most of this functionality is already available using the Google Calendar Event Publisher!

Here is proposed functionality:

Next to the email “Send” button, there is a “Send and Calendar” button.
When the “Send and Calendar” button is pushed, first, the email is sent, then a Calendar item is created and displayed.

* The original email Subject is made into the Calendar item Subject, with a prefix of “Followup: ” added.
* The original email Body is made into the Body of the Calendar item.
* The date on the Calendar item is set to a changeable value, n days in the future.
* That’s it. All other Calendar defaults are left the same.

It is then up to the author to either “Save” or “Discard” this new “Followup calendar” item.

I would so love this feature. Please pretty please!

Gas Station at 24th & Valencia Removes Billboard

weeks ago graffiti scumbags tagged our street. Some of it got cleaned up, some not. So I went to the gas station across the street to ask if they could clean up the graffiti urine stains on their property. I spoke with the attendant for a little while, showed him where the new tags were. This is not a new problem. He pointed to the alley behind the station and said how they had just painted over the whole alley, covered in graffiti. I had to say it looked nice.

A lot of the new graffiti was on the backside of this small billboard. We exchanged many pleasantries, “I totally understand that it’s a never ending battle with those jerks…” So yesterday I looked out my window and the billboard was being taken down! The attendant told me, “I talked to the boss. He gets paid to have that billboard up, but he called and had it removed anyway. It’s better for the neighborhood that way.”

+1 for the the 76 Gas Station on the corner of 24th & Valencia (1298 Valencia)

Unsurprisingly, I don’t have any photos of the now removed billboard. Here is a bad artist’s rendering:

And here’s a “before” picture from Google Maps, Thanks Steven

Take My Real Bread Class This Saturday

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About the Class
Making bread is easier, faster and more flexible than you thought. You can make fantastic bread every day inexpensively with less than 10 minutes effort, including cleanup! In this class, you’ll learn techniques to minimize the ordinary and maximize the extraordinary parts of making all kinds of bread at home. We’ll talk about things like: instant yeast vs sourdough, refrigerated dough, crust, crumb, shaping, amendments, the chemistry and biology of bread, and the thousands of varieties of this staple food. Once you have the foundations, you’ll see bread recipes as suggestions instead of steps to be followed. The sky is the limit! While our bread bakes, we’ll make our own specialty butter! You will eat and bring home what we make in class.

All We Are Saying Is Give Sea Kittens a Chance

from our wing nut friends at PETA

Problem Fixed: There are no Android devices associated with this account

I wiped my Samsung Galaxy S / AT&T Captivate Android phone to try to fix a problem with sound (I’ll hopefully talk about that in a future post). And I came across a problem with the Android Marketplace. It’s possible this problem has existed for a while and I just noticed it | Settings reported “There are no Android devices associated with this account”.

There is a lot of discussion and attempted answers on this Google Forum. Here is what fixed the problem for me:

(via) Thanks Droid-Eye!


For those of you who tried this and it didn’t work, or don’t have phone numbers (tablets,) try this, it worked for me.

On your Android: menu>settings>applications>manage applications>all (tab at top)>Market>clear data.

This will clear your data and log your Android out of the market. When you launch the market app and agree to the terms of service again, it will sign you sign your Android back into the market and it should be visible on the web market.

Best. Comment. Spam. Ever.

Every day I get 1 or 2 comment spams written by real people that get past my spam filters. Of late they’ve been coming from the Philippines and Ukraine. Usually they are poor excuses for spams. For example, today I received on Burning Man 2010 Resource Guide – Part 1:

I had never heard of Burning Man resources but now I am a fan. Great work ! www.SomeCrappyProduct.whatever

And on How to Avoid Paypal Fees I got

If that money they used to sent you didn’t claimed it for a couple of days. Do they have allotted days to be count on or expiry of the money? Does the receiver will be fines on it? Thanks!

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and on 3D Wobble Images I got:

This is amazing! I super love effects like this! :D

All potentially written by humans. My personal guess is that the first two are driven by semantic computers and the last one was written by a human. But whatever, this one I got today was definitely written by a beautiful killer of a human.

First, here is my post: Today’s Quote: Han Solo on religion

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”
— Han Solo, outspoken skeptic of the Force

Here is the beautiful comment:

URL: TreadmillSalesWebsite.feh
Haha, what a goof that han solo. Who knows if he meant all religious beliefs or simply those that were…”hokey”. I wonder what he believed. I mean spirits are obviously real right, I mean Obi wan visited luke right? Someone should have a good talk with Han about stuff like that.

Reminds me of XKCD