Google Labs Suggestion: Sending gmail creates a followup calendar item

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Subject:Sending email creates a followup calendar item

Sometimes I want to be reminded to followup on an email that I send. I propose that users be able to create Google Calendar items that are automatically populated with email contents.

The best thing is that most of this functionality is already available using the Google Calendar Event Publisher!

Here is proposed functionality:

Next to the email “Send” button, there is a “Send and Calendar” button.
When the “Send and Calendar” button is pushed, first, the email is sent, then a Calendar item is created and displayed.

* The original email Subject is made into the Calendar item Subject, with a prefix of “Followup: ” added.
* The original email Body is made into the Body of the Calendar item.
* The date on the Calendar item is set to a changeable value, n days in the future.
* That’s it. All other Calendar defaults are left the same.

It is then up to the author to either “Save” or “Discard” this new “Followup calendar” item.

I would so love this feature. Please pretty please!

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