Problem Fixed: There are no Android devices associated with this account

I wiped my Samsung Galaxy S / AT&T Captivate Android phone to try to fix a problem with sound (I’ll hopefully talk about that in a future post). And I came across a problem with the Android Marketplace. It’s possible this problem has existed for a while and I just noticed it | Settings reported “There are no Android devices associated with this account”.

There is a lot of discussion and attempted answers on this Google Forum. Here is what fixed the problem for me:

(via) Thanks Droid-Eye!


For those of you who tried this and it didn’t work, or don’t have phone numbers (tablets,) try this, it worked for me.

On your Android: menu>settings>applications>manage applications>all (tab at top)>Market>clear data.

This will clear your data and log your Android out of the market. When you launch the market app and agree to the terms of service again, it will sign you sign your Android back into the market and it should be visible on the web market.

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