Funginix, Fungusil, Fungisil, Zetaclear: all scams

Today I got a comment spam from someone claiming that Fungusil works for them. I did some homework and… it screams “scam”.

Fungusil has undecylenic acid which is as good a topical antifungal as is out there (comparable to lamisil, and vinegar). But topicals don’t have a very good success rate against nail fungus. as the Mayo Clinic writes about undecylenic acid:

undecylenic acid belongs to the group of medicines called antifungals. It is used to treat some types of fungus infections. However, compound undecylenic acid generally has been replaced by newer and more effective medicines for the treatment of fungus infections.


A google search turns promotional websites that almost look like comparison sites… but aren’t. And testimonials on blogs and forums that are obviously lies. For example

Best Toenail Fungus Treatment – Fungusil?
I’ve just researching for an effective and best toenail fungus treatment and more of the results in google are home remedies product.

And the only response

I’ve tried it last month. And believe it or not, it only takes 7-10 days to remove totally my nail fungus


The Funginix, Fungusil, and Fungisil websites were obviously built by the same designer. Take a look, the Funginix and Fungisil sites use the same bottle! Why would 3 similar products with similar ingredients be marketed so similarly? Because they are the same product from the same scammer trying to create a false sense of comparison.

I have written several other posts about these products and I’ve gotten loads of comments from people. Search my site for “fungus” for more on the subject.


  1. Lila Womble says:

    Edit from Lee. Please read the next comment before taking this comment at its word

    I personally have tried using Fungusil, and it worked well for me. Perhaps the result vary from one person to another. Equally important is to combine its use with good foot hygiene in order to avoid the fungi from spreading to other nails or other parts of the body.

  2. lee says:

    Lila, I’d love to hear that you are a real person and not a paid spammer from Fungi-corp. My research shows that you came to my website from a computer in California but I can’t find any “Lila Womble” in the California phone book.

  3. D. Smith says:

    I’ve purchased this product a while back in the form of Funginix. Like many people, I like to do research before falling prey to any SCAMS. Everything I’ve looked at for this product was positive (the entire web) not 1 negative comment. So I felt this may actually work. Well…It didn’t! I’m now suspecting that anything negative put online, they take action toward. I was also required to purchase a 90 day supply. I did everything as instructed. I washed and soaked by feet daily and applied this product. Even overnight. NO….I mean NO Positive Results! Thank you for posting this. This is my TESTIMONY! And I’m an ACTUAL person.

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