Notre Dame

Had a crepe formage 2 blocks from Notre Dame :-)

Notre Dame is pretty awesome. The structure totally rivals the Taj Mahal! And in my opinion surpasses it… But that’s just me.

Went in to the cathedral at about 11:30pm following a procession in the doors. The Virgin Mary and son had left at about 10:30 with a grande accompaniment celebrating the Feast of the Assumption. I looked at the holiday’s calendar and darn if I didn’t miss Gregoran chanting at the cathedral by just a few hours! I saw that the confessionals have glass “cones of silence” around the traditional tiny wooden rooms; pretty funny

Had an anduillette AAAAA for lunch. When I picked it with my patented menu order randomizing system our local coworker cautioned me “be careful with that”. Sounds like a dare, right? What other food based on a dare do you know about? That’s right, Scottish Haggis! The anduillette was umm.. err.. Ok, it was pretty gross but I’m glad I tried it. It’s a sausage made with intestines, not just the casing but the whole thing. When I cut open this unassuming sausage, it looked like it had lots of rolls of.. I don’t know.. maybe little rolls of soggy paper. Not so bad. But it smelled like… when I held it to my nose, Arnaud immediately said “It tastes better than it smells, like cheese.” he was somewhat correct: as long as I didn’t use my nose, I couldn’t smell the stench of death and entrails bundled on my plate. It smelled awful. It had the texture of soggy rolled up postit notes and had almost no flavor (barring the stench). I felt it appropriate to try and get used to it. Well, it’s been 10 hours since that meal and my stomach and mind still haven’t gotten used to it. :-(

During lunch it rained really hard. I watched and smelled it… Being in San Francisco so long, I miss the occasional “real” rains you get in Boston, New Jersey and Florida.

Saw a guy jump a 5′ tall turnstile on the Metro. The thing was designed to be very hard to jump. He did it with ease, it was pretty amazing. I might have told the station attendant who was 5′ away but there’s that language barrier…

French TV is much like US… channel surfing I found:
a modern drama with a good guy vampire
a cartoon that looks Ren and Stimy-ish but the story was stupid and the French speaking actors all had horribly American accents
several mediocre pop music bands (I’m guessing it’s easier to hear sloppy music when you don’t speak the language)
Some pretty darn good rap, though culturally different from American rap (possibly a plus)
French World Series of Poker,
A sitcom that was waaay more sit than com
A nice cultural food program with goat cheese making, salt harvesting, honey gathering, dessert making and all things French.

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  1. Alexis says:

    Awesome write-up. I will say that my first andouiette experience was my last, too many parts that are easily identified. You want daring but way more palatable, try the boudin (noir).
    And Parisian afternoon rains in summer, ahhhhhhh…..

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