Flame Effects Class at the Crucible

Liam and Rich tag-teamed the week-long Electronic Controlled Flame Effects class last week at The Crucible. They both said it went really well. I was originally going to teach it but I just started my job with Earthmine and was travelling for work.

Rich was disappointed that there wasn’t enough time to teach all the students everything they needed to know with Arduino and electronics. That’s always the case! Learning takes time. But there was fire! Liam opened the class on the first day with a poofer demo and in all they built 13 Poofers and some sequencing with multiplex poofers.

Surprisingly,    only 1 of the 5 students came to build something for Burning Man. Almost as exciting was that 1  student came from Texas specifically to take this class, “We don’t have anything like this back home.”

No, no they don’t :-)

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