Getting Atmel Samples

This post was originally named “Phoey on Atmel” because I had emailed and submitted sample parts requests from Atmel and got no response for over a week. And Digikey was unable to help (see below) but I just (2pm 5-26-09) got a call back from Mac Wilson at Centaur Corporation. He is representing for Atmel. He’s going to get me some samples and help me move forward with the T. Pen.

Chat start time May 24, 2009 5:41:26 AM EST
Edith ext 1601: Welcome to Digi-Key Live-Help. How may I assist you?
Lee Sonko: I’m trying to get a hold of a few of this IC ATTINY43U-SU-ND to test. It looks like I can only get it in quantities of 1,000 or so. Can you help me get just a few units?
Edith ext 1601: I’ll check on this, one moment please.
Lee Sonko: Thanks very much. :-)
Edith ext 1601: This is a part that we don’t stock; we can order it from the mfg but we have to go by their mins
Edith ext 1601:  which is 1,036 pcs
Edith ext 1601: We could ask a technician if there’s a sub
Lee Sonko: hurumph. This is a new part, released in March or so from Atmel. You’re the only folks I see it even listed with so far. I’ve tried contacting Atmel but no response in a week. :-(
Lee Sonko: I doubt there’s a sub. It’s a new class of part… a microcontroller with a built-in voltage converter.
Edith ext 1601: I’m sorry; I don’t understand why new parts are advertised if they aren’t available.
Lee Sonko: Me neither! Thanks for looking.
Lee Sonko: Have a great night.
Edith ext 1601: Thanks.  You too.
Lee Sonko: G’night.
Edith ext 1601: bye.

Of course I wonder how it was he came to contact me. Was it one of my emails, my sample parts request, or the “squeaky wheel” post you are looking at now? I’ve heard it can be hard to get samples from Atmel.

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  1. lee says:

    Followup: He never got me the samples. I don’t recall if I gave up on getting them or they just kept slipping and slipping the date.

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