Useful things to say to Dragon Naturally Speaking

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking version 8.0. It’s useful when writing long items… a few paragraphs or more. Here is a list of phrases you can tell DNS to do good things:

select that/ correct that – correct the last thing you said
correct [word] through [word] – correct a string of words
(hit – on the keypad) – pulls up correction window

Show-dictation-box – pops up a text window that will paste when it’s closed. Good for Firefox.
Edit-selection – You should select something, say “Edit-Selection” and it’ll be pulled into a dictation box.

Cap … – next letter is capitalized
caps-on – Capitalize the First Letter of Every Important Word until “caps-off”
All-caps – next word is in ALL CAPS
All-caps-on – EVERY LETTER IS CAPITALIZED UNTIL “All-caps-off”
No-caps – next word is in all lower case.
No-caps-on – no caps until “no-caps-off”
Cap-that – capitalize the first letter of each word in the last phrase, or the selected text

open-quote – “
close-quote – “
open-parenthesis – (
close-parenthesis – )
open-bracket – [
close-bracket – ]
at-sign – @

scratch-that-[X]-times – multiple undo

Moving the cursor and mouse

mouse-grid – brings up the mouse grid. Then…

move-left-[n]-characters / words
go-to-top / bottom
go-to-beginning-of-line / end-of-line

insert-before-[word] / after

select-[words I want]
select-again – tries other choices

select-[starting word]-through-[ending word]




To kill a voice-recognition action that has gone awry, click the little red X inside the Result box. That will also turn off the microphone.

To spell out individual letters or numbers, pause, say “spell-that”. Wait for the spelling menu.

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  1. Wow – extremely useful info; thanks for posting it!

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