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Google Reader Friends-Only Livejournal Feed Fetcher

If you are a friend of mine and want to use the service mentioned below via my website, give me a buzz. You won’t have to install anything on your computer. You’ll be able to read your friends’ “Friends-only” posts with Google Reader or any other service that reads RSS feeds.

Google Reader can’t read Livejournal Friends-only posts. That is a bother. It means that you have to log in to Livejournal when you want to read your friends’ “private” posts. I hate having to log in to different RSS readers which means I rarely read my friend’s private posts on Livejournal :-( ….. until now :-)

Scatmania wrote a proxy tool that makes it so your Friends-only posts can be seen by Google Reader. He released the tool as open source. Thank you Scatman Dan!

Here is the Google Reader Livejournal Feed Fetcher source code with some easy notes from me on getting it to work.

XKCD Speaks to Me

I am almost 40 years old and I still have this problem EVERY FREAKING DAY. (via)

Arduino LCD

The LCD on my Arduino works now :-)

Including the backlight (it took me wayyyy to long to figure out that I had forgotten to install one resistor on the LCD interface PCB)

Noisebridge is a good place to hang out and work on electronics :-)


I recently finished listening to an excellent audio version of Sun Tsu’s The Art of War. Wow, extremely worthwhile but watch out or you’ll start seeing the world in very extreme terms.

Just before that, I finished listening to Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. Bokonon is a bastard. I like him, I think.

A few nights ago I went to a Pecha Kucha event with Charlotte and Barry Cogbill. I think I would have liked it better without the loud, incessent backbeat the DJ added to everything. Though I suppose we sat too close to the speakers. I like the idea though.

I’ve been babysitting a bit. Tuesday and Wednesday. Tommy and I practiced spinning bamboo sticks, started a crystal growing kit growing, tried working out a way that he wouldn’t automatically win at his favorite game Heroscape, found out where the hidden laundry chute door is, re-worked some of his Mission to Mars Lego sets into cooler configurations (skeleton-footed rocket-pack aside), learned some karate, got really good at ReMovem on the iPod (knocking his sister’s scores off the high-scores), and all around had a good time. Phew and that was in just 2 days.

I applied for a job with Michael’s company, Earthmine. Taking apart and rewiring fancy SLR cameras. It might have worked out but unfortunately (for me) a guy with an EE degree and a willingness to do the work presented himself well :-(

Rich Humphrey had hired me 1 or so days per week to help with computer stuff. It really had the potential to go someplace but just two days ago his largest client didn’t get the funding it needed so they are likely folding / massively contracting soon… and Rich’s company is going into hibernation. :-(

Last night Rich came to the SWARM meeting and I think really pointed the group in a good direction, toward very accessible robotics for the masses. :-)

With all this laid-off-edness, I still never get enough time to work on the T. Pen!

John Finnegan Memories

My good friend John T (Tiberious?) Finnegan died last year. His community was most solidly defined by playing NERO. Michael Ventrella told me about his death and directed me to the Nero Alliance online forum where many people came to mourn him. Here are the the pages of this memorial as of 2-20-09.

Note: You’ll probably want to right-click and open these images in a new window. Otherwise they will look like long, illegible strips

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

His Birthday is tommorow, February 21st.
Happy Birthday John. I wish you were here.

Bad Weather Ahead

Yipe. I got this from the National Weather Service


Oh and also… the Chairman of the FDIC wants to fucking give all of MY money to the thieves and shyters that gave and got bad home loans over the last several years. Listen to her give away MY money in this NPR interview: FDIC Head Sees Wide Benefit From Foreclosure Plan

The primary benefit to the American people of course being that I won’t be able to buy a cheap house that was forclosed on from one of these bastards.

“Bastard” isn’t an entirely appropriate term. Only the lenders that knew they were making bad loans should be called that. The people that were buying them should be called “idiots”.