This Weekend Doings


Friday started with a battle to the death with house ants. They always come out when it rains. So I went under the bathroom sink and found the super-toxic goo the pesticide guy squirted out to kill ants. I put a chip of it on a piece of paper, added a drop of water and put it in the path of the ants. I got on the floor and watched as the ants came along and took a sip from the poisoned well I had created. I kinda feel bad.

Friday night we went out without a plan. First Charlotte Brendan and I went out looking for pizza. Standing outside our garage, bikes at the ready, our evening plans seemed kind of weak. So I called out to these people standing around, “Where should we go to dinner?” They suggested a couple different pizza places. At least it got us going. We biked all over the Mission and ended up having sandwiches at St Francis Fountain on 24th. We followed it up with going to a Super Hero Party on 24th. We met a feline superhero/villan and her friend Michael K from KQED. I mentioned Soon I Will Be Invincible  to him. Oh and the little girl at the front door asking everyone what their super power was and how they would save the world was just a joy.

Saturday, Charlotte is continuing to take classes at the Cupertino extention of Santa Cruz College to become a trainer. She’s now taken 2 weekend-long courses. She described to me how she got pleasantly tipsy after class Saturday showing the bartender how to make a Sloe Gin Fizz in a good ol’ boy bar.

Saturday night Rick, Charlotte and I went to an “Apple Pie, Poker & Booze” Party at Dan Schick’s house. We all met some nice folks and I parlayed my 3 excellent hands in Anaconda into 1 ok pot and 1 large pot. The last game was intense. I started with 4 kings (a very good hand) and Alexis accidentally passed me a 3… a wild card! That card had been passed to her by her neighbor and she just passed it on! After the game, we were talking about why no one else folded even though I kept raising like a crazy person. Josh said he thought I was really crazy and didn’t have anything. Apparently I should play the crazy card more often.

Sunday morning: Waffle Time! Rick (he stayed at our place), Charlotte and I went to Treasure Island to investigate the Fire sale of the TV show Prototype This. I got some nice shelving and a big giant pile of scrap metal that SWARM can hopefully turn into something awsome.


  1. Alexis says:

    There is really no excuse for this Alexis chick passing you a wild card. And the one she designated, too, my goodness! Your only option was to win (and win big). And await revenge.

  2. lee says:

    Just think, if we had been playing with Zimbabwe money, I’d be a quintillionaire by now.

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