I Want to be a Trillionaire

Charlotte got me 200 billion Zimbabwe dollars for Christmas. I love it. But now there is a 10  100 trillion dollar note. Must have for the collection! They are worth WAAAY more as collectibles on eBay than they are “worth”. A 10 Tril will set you back almost ten bucks US.

Hey wait… When I got my $100 billion notes, I heard that $100 billion would buy about 3 eggs… so they’re worth maybe $1 US. So the $10 trillion notes should be worth 100 times that… $100 US. But they are selling on eBay for $8 US…. Oh this inflation will continue / through the morning I am listening / to the bells of the cathedral / I am thinking of your voice… / and the midnight picnic / once upon a time / before inflation began…


  1. lee says:

    Damn, I can’t keep up. I now hear that they have a 100 trillion dollar note. 10 Trils are selling on eBay for about $10, 100 Trils for about $40.

    Ha, in January when the 100 Tril came out it was said (“said”) that it was worth about $300 US.

    I’ll wait a few weeks and get me some notes.

  2. lee says:


    HARARE, Zimbabwe (CNN) — Zimbabwe slashed 12 zeros from its currency

    1 trillion in Zimbabwe dollars now will be equivalent to one Zimbabwe dollar.

    Reading on, the following is pretty funny…

    The old notes — with the highest being 100 trillion dollars — not enough to buy a loaf of bread — will remain valid until June 30, after which they will cease to be legal tender. One U.S. dollar is trading above 300 trillion Zimbabwe dollars.

    Remember how I mentioned people were buying 100 Trils for $40 on eBay? They are buying notes at 100 times their face value.

    Head spinning.
    Head spun.

  3. lee says:

    Ok, I’ve got to show you this whole article. It is pure comedy gold.


    (right-click it to see it full screen)

    Here’s another precious snippet from Gideon Gono, governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

    “As a country, we have come to terms with this stubborn reality that we were put under economic sanctions by Germany, which unilaterally cut a 50-year-old contract to supply us with currency printing paper, machinery, spare parts and inks without notice in July last year.”


    I don’t mean to ask a rude question but since he’s been the Zimbabwe money guy since 2003 and under his watch the currency has lost… umm… something like 30 orders of magnitude of value… ummm… my head hurts trying to understand what that even means so I can’t finish my question.

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  5. George says:

    hahahaha! that’s hilarious! I can see this happening in America soon. We have a bunch of somethings ruining.. ah. I mean running the country..

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