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On any given day in the last 15 years, the song that has most often been floating through my head was one that I learned in an African music class. It’s a polyphonic Ewe Mbira song taught to me by professor David Locke in the Music Department at Tufts University. The song has floated around in my head so long probably because of it’s polyphonic nature… I can “sing”  it in my head or on an instrument but not out loud. I  would need 4 more sets of vocal cords. I can’t recall the name of it right now… something like “Threshing Wheat at the Mill” or…. grr. It’ll come to me.


Some songs I appreciate include…

  • Stand by Me – The original version by Ben E. King
  • Lean on Me – The original version by Bill Withers, not that st00pid jazzed up one by Club Nouveau
  • Amazing Grace – Every version ever made. It’s such a standard song that -how- it is sung is what conveys itself.
  • When the Saints Come Marching In – plays just like Amazing Grace.
  • Red Hot and Blue – The whole album (except for 2 songs) makes me float on air.

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  1. really2cute4u says:

    That is a lovely list…thank you for sharing. I used ot have “red, hot and blue” but it vanished…

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