Naquadah Generators!

You know how on Stargate Atlantis they are always talking about using Naquadah generators when the ZPMs aren’t working?

Well, you can now buy Naquadah generators …. FOR REAL

It’s about $25 million for something about the size of a hot tub  that can provide a continous 25 megawatts (like 20,000 homes) for about 5 years with zero maintainence.

Update, they changed their name to Gen 4 Energy

via Engadet


This is on my x-mas wish list.


  1. Rick! says:

    These are a very viable source of power. The Soviet Union used a version these quite a bit (powering remote lighthouses, for example), and we did as well, in the Apollo program. The Apollo program referred to them as SNAP generators, and, there is still one on the surface of the moon, generating power – and it *will* be generating power for about another 40 years.

  2. lee says:

    Cool. Though Wikipedia says the SNAP generators have -much- less power than this new unit. The Viking 2 generator is in the 750 watt range while these new ones are in the 25,000,000 watts range.

    Progress! :-)

  3. Michael Juneau says:

    So Naquadah Generators are actually real? and not a figment, of Bradley Wrights and Robert C.Coopers imagination and if so where does the Naquadah come from since there is not a real star gate that we know of to go through and retrieve a sample off world.

  4. lee says:

    On the show, Naquadahs are terran human technology.
    In the real world, click the link above to get one :-)

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