Stickergiant Stickers Protect You From Robots

new-swarm-stickerSWARM has some new stickers in the mail. Not only will they protect you from the robotic singularity that is to come, but they are really cool (and shiny, we like shiny!).

So the next time you see me or a killer^H^H^H^H^H^H beautiful spherical robot approaching, ask me for a sticker!

The folks at StickerGiant did a very nice job on them :-)

They got into our art project so much that they commented about us on their blog and gave us a batch of stickers fer free :-)

Rock on Stickergiant.

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  1. John Fischer says:

    Meeting Lisa and her team at the Laughing Squid party was one of the coolest experiences of the month. I really am impressed with this project and am following it closely. I appreciate people like the ORB SWARM team enriching the lives of geeks and freaks everywhere.

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