Paul Potts on Britain’s Got Talent and Youtube

This was forwarded to me by my cousin. It’s incredible. I was moved by his singing.

Here’s what I was sent:


Even if you hate opera, you will LOVE this!!!

Paul Potts, a shy, 36 year old mobile car salesman from Wales entered the British version of “American Idol”. He was near bankrupt from a series of health issues [tumor on adrenaline gland, ruptured appendix, and a smashed collar bone from being thrown from his bike]. He never sang professionally and lacks confidence from being bullied as a child. He said, his voice was his only friend at times.

This video was Paul’s audition.

The finals were held on June 19, and that evening, after 2 million viewers voted by phone, Paul won the contest will receive $200,000, sang on NBC’s TODAY SHOW on 6/21/07, and will sing for the Queen later this month.

His first CD will be available in July.


local version:


  1. christine winnan says:

    Pavarotti and the rest of them may be great singers but paul potts has the added gift of reaching into ones emotions and wrenching them from the soul! That is his great gift (and ability)…and what a gift it is for those of us who are sick of hearing the same sounding so-called talent who don’t sing from the heart as Paul does! A rare treat indeed…like being invited to a banquet as opposed to a Mc Donalds ! I bought his CD yesterday and it’s almost worn out already!

  2. Lisa says:

    His voice blew me away!!!!! I had tears streaming down my face when he was done…. Brilliant!

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