Advertising on my blog

I’m sure you noticed that there’s now some ads on my site. I’ve been playing with them since May 15th or so. Here’s where I’ve come to…

I put one ad at the bottom of each article page in (what I hope is) a relatively unobtrusive spot with unobtrusive colors. Very popular pages that I don’t care too much about (like this) get a few more ads sprinkled in them.

Google Adsense says that my blog site gets about 500 ad impressions per day. WordPress stats agrees with that but Analog stats says I’m getting more like 2,000 page views/day in my blog folders… hmm. Maybe it’s that Analog is counting spam bots and web crawlers. On the ads, Google says I have a clickthrough rate of about 0.5%. The site makes $0.50/day…. about $180/year. So the site pays for itself and buys me a nice dinner every few months. You might be able to extrapolate your potential earnings from these numbers.

I suppose it’s worth it.

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  1. Lee says:

    In the 6 months July 1 – Jan 1, I earned $110 from Google Adsense. 795 clicks, an average of 4 per day. 602 page impressions/day Click-thru rate of 0.71%. The ads seem innocuous enough. I guess the ads stay.

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