How to organize tupperware

My parents have a gazillion of them. What we (I) did was put all of them into a cardboard box on a bottom cabinet shelf. So looking for tupper involves pulling the box out instead of getting on hands and knees and wading through them all. Since they’re in a box, they don’t scoot around the cabinet the way that so many pieces of slick plastic normally would.

Another solution is to get all tuppers that are the same size and nest inside each other. Though I still haven’t found a brand of quality tuppers that do this. The inexpensive ones from Glad wear out after 5-20 washings and you’re never really guaranteed a seal vs. liquids with them.

The best partial solution is to get rid of 80% of what you have because just because the container is still perfectly good doesn’t mean you have to keep it.   ;-)

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