Last Night’s Dorkbot

I went to SF Dorkbot last night with Charlotte and her friend Sam.

It was terrific. I only got to see the first 2 main speakers and Ken Murphy. Those guys have done a -lot- of cool stuff. And they presented wonderfully.

(from a followup email)

Main Presenters

dan maynes-aminzade

afshin mehin

evolution control committee

Open dorks

ken murphy

leila hasan
marc powell
and i’m missing the URLs for the others…

and special thanks to MC jonathan foote, niklas terczak for the BBQ (he’s a pro chef!)

and most of all to scott arford for hosting us at one of the spaces in SF (fond partying and noise show memories) at 7hz

i took some too much flash or too little flash photos here:

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  1. Bathes in Milk says:

    It so rocked!!!

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