Overheard in my email inbox

Me at work:
>> Do you know how I can allow my Windows and Exchange passwords can be
>> different? If not, say so and I’ll go googling for info.

>I do not know off hand, I would need to research it.

So does that mean he -will- research it or he -could- research it? And why didn’t he take me up on my offer? Maybe he didn’t read my whole (2 sentence long) email.


  1. Free says:

    I’d say that translates to, “I wouldn’t be able to find out without research, either, so since it’s your question, why don’t you research it yourself?” But perhaps I’m jaundiced.

  2. Lee says:

    What if the person I had asked was the IT person for the company? And what if he was the one who had initially told me, “Hmm, why don’t you try setting your Outlook and Windows passwords to be the same, that might be a workaround for your email problem.”

    And for the research portion… that is why I wrote “…If not, say so and I’ll go googling for info.”

    I despise people that take questions asked in a straightforward manner and intentionally create vageries where none need exist.

    Let’s take a hypothetical question. I ask, “Is it better if I do it or you do it? Or are you unsure either way?” It is inappropriate and counter-productive for you to respond, “I might know the answer to your question.” and leave it at that. That is a game that 8 years play on each other when they want to torment one another.

  3. Free says:

    Oh, I wasn’t responding that this was what he should be saying, just what it appeared to me he was saying.

  4. Lee says:

    Sorry to jump down your throat. That’s why I put this in the “Rants” category. Note the Pirate Fish icon, the universal symbol for, “What’s wrong with you people?!?”

  5. Lee says:

    And 24 hours after I sent the following email to him, there is still no reply.

    Will you research it or shall I?

  6. Derek says:

    Obviously, the person in question is being a nimrod, and so, in this capacity, they cannot be relied upon. So, regardless of what they meant to communicate, you can assume that you won’t get an answer unless you go get it yourself.

    Here’s another way to interpret it. You asked, “Do you know *blah, blah, blah*? If not, say so and I’ll go googling for info.” They said, “I do not know *blah, blah, blah*.” Those are the essential points. They did not offer to research it. The googling is up to you.

    I know you aren’t looking for advice on what to do, just railing against needless ambiguity. And that’s a good thing to be frustrated about. I just hope it didn’t stop you from going and googling your info.

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