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Serpent Mother Buy-In

I haven’t told my readers (ie: you) enough about what’s been going on. Here’s a little personal bit about the Serpent Mother project that you won’t fully understand because I haven’t given you context.

I wrote some stuff to a guy interested in our project and then another guy on our project paraphrased what I wrote with…

Tad wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, lee sonko wrote
> lots of good stuff about the brain part: PD and color sequencing software

“lots of good stuff” Hurray! That sounds like buy-in. :-)

Low Key Peep Flambe Camp

This was our camp at Burning Man in 2006 and 2007. The info below is just about the 2006 camp. I’ve got lots more pix but… phew, there’s not enough time in a day to post them. And you you really want to see them?


Low Key Peep Flambe Camp is a… well, it’s a pretty low key camp. The assumed group responsibilities are pretty minimal. We’re not nessesarily dining together, or showering together or building a giant humongus camp focal point together. Instead, maybe we’ll dine together if we’re ‘home’ at the same time. We certainly won’t be washing one another’s dishes! Maybe we’ll hang out under our (not so very large but quite homey and pleasant) shade structure together. We’ll certainly watch out for one another, keeping the dust madness away.

And of course, there will be Peeps. And they will be lit on fire and consumed with glee.

Low Key Peep Flambe Camp is
Kate (not confirmed yet)
Phil (not confirmed yet)

Honorary Peeps

Some random guy Barry saw on the street



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Hot and cold

Forcasted highs for Sunday

Brentwood: 107F . . . 54 miles away
Walnut Creek: 100F . . . 21 miles away
Berkeley: 84F . . . 13 miles away
Downtown SF: 65F
Presidio: 60F


I ordered parts from Atlanta Hobby Friday afternoon. I’m sitting on my hands ’til they arrive.