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Week in Review with Charlotte

Charlotte’s week in San Francisco

Watercourseays Hot tub and sauna.
Picnic dinner in palo alto
Went to Craft night with Julian Cash, met cool photographers and artists. Got Maple syrup, Torrone and camp towel.
Went to bed at 12am and went to sleep at 2:30am : ) Worked. C went to Berkeley Hills with Ion.
Met group of seven friends, at an egyptian restuarant in Sunset. Saw Egyptian belly dancing. Went to sleep. Got up and didn’t get out of bed.
; ) Ran a hilly 1.8 miles. Lee went to work. C went to Twin Peaks, de
Young museum, and ‘ake Stowe. Met friends for drinks. Saw the play,
Take me for a ride cute girl. Drinks with cast. Slept. Woke up and didn’t get out of bed ; ) C belly danced. Breafast at Boogaloos. Tango lessons. Drove divisidero. Exploratorium and Tactile dome. Snack. Nimby tour. Necked in car. Airport.

Poor Product Reviews

In keeping with Laura’s claim that my site is just one big product review, here are some product reviews.

I got the worst haircut of my life at Willie’s barbershop on Saturday. When you see me next, please don’t think I -wanted- a buzz cut with a tuft on top. My review on reads

2 stars of 5. If your a guy and want a buzz cut, this is your place for a fine $12 cut. If you ask for anything else… well, you’re getting fine $12 buzz cut. Don’t be fooled by the men’s classic hair style charts on the wall to the left. Instead look at the photos to the right of the guys that have gotten crew cuts, cue balls, peach fuzz and their favorite sports team logos scrawled onto their heads.

I put a dollar in the dryer at the laundromat. 30 minutes later, I realized that the heat was broken on the machine. :-(

Paid $22 for “The Works” car wash at Auto City Car Wash. I posted to

3 stars out of 5. I got the $22 “Works” package. I wasn’t totally happy with it. They missed a few spots… corners of the mirrors, the bugs on the grill and hood, some spots around the rear bumper. They advertise that they are “brushless”. That’s because they don’t do much besides run a power washer over it, then a few seconds of hand sponging, then mechanically spray soap, then a rinse. After washing and mechanical Works package waxing, all of the body panels feel very slightly rough; a washed and waxed car should feel smooth. That roughness is sure to catch dust and dirt faster than a smooth surface.

After washing, I noticed a couple several scratches that I don’t recall the car having before. Though to be fair, washing may have just uncovered some scratches that had been there for a while.

If you buy 10 washes up front ($220), you get what amounts to about a 15% discount.

Pardon our Dust

I’m having someone import old blog entries to WordPress. Things might be a little wonky for a week or two but all will be well shortly.

Rentacoder WordPress Import

I submitted my first job to to have someone convert my old journal to WordPress…

At the conclusion of the project, all of the journal entries that currently reside in these 10 journal pages ( will have been imported into this WordPress blog (…

So far, it’s going well. I put a max of $200 on the job and after just a few hours, I’ve gotten several offers at about $150. We’ll find out if any of them will actually work out.

Upcoming Weekend Fun

Tonight, seeing either The Gong Show at the Dark Room or my friend Shameless Heather in “Take me for a Ride”. And then maybe go to the Purple Friday Show late. :-)

Saturday morning Tango class! And likely the Metronome’s Tango Milonga in the evening!

Sunday see Naqoyqatsi with Philip Glass LIVE at Davies Symphony Hall! The closest I’ve ever seen him live thus far has been on Southpark.

Monday: nuffum :-)

I Don’t Get it: Blasphemy

Sure, it might ruffle some feathers, but come on, chill a little. Right?

Is this fatwa-worthy?