An Italian Deli Right Down the Street

2 blocks from me there is a really good Italian Deli. 4 guys with aprons behind the counter cut prosciutto, 25 different cheeses (only Italian varieties, mind you), all manner of cold cuts, and pizza and focaccia sold by the sheet or 1/2 baking sheet.

They even have several types of imported torrone. I immediately flashed back to fresh torrone from Boston’s North End. It was like the original Snickers bar. After I made my purchase, I asked the man behind the counter if they had such torrone and a woman next to me nodded and pointed to the box of said torrone that was on top of her stack of items being purchased. The man said (and I’m very happy he was so knowledgeable!) that he had small squares of the stuff but not the bars.

This is why San Francisco is an expensive city. Delicacies are so close at hand that it is hard to resist!

I called Carlotta and asked her to bring some fresh Boston torrone when she visits next week. She thinks she can oblige :-)


  1. amykins says:

    as suprise, mail some to mom, she loves the stuff!

    personally, I have no desire to ever allow it to cross my lips..never have, probably never will

  2. Lee says:

    I’ll send her some. :-)

    Are you a candy teetotaler?

  3. amykins says:

    no, just nougat creeps me out in all forms…

  4. Lee says:

    Mmmmm, nougat!

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