Week in Review with Charlotte

Charlotte’s week in San Francisco

Watercourseays Hot tub and sauna.
Picnic dinner in palo alto
Went to Craft night with Julian Cash, met cool photographers and artists. Got Maple syrup, Torrone and camp towel.
Went to bed at 12am and went to sleep at 2:30am : ) Worked. C went to Berkeley Hills with Ion.
Met group of seven friends, at an egyptian restuarant in Sunset. Saw Egyptian belly dancing. Went to sleep. Got up and didn’t get out of bed.
; ) Ran a hilly 1.8 miles. Lee went to work. C went to Twin Peaks, de
Young museum, and ‘ake Stowe. Met friends for drinks. Saw the play,
Take me for a ride cute girl. Drinks with cast. Slept. Woke up and didn’t get out of bed ; ) C belly danced. Breafast at Boogaloos. Tango lessons. Drove divisidero. Exploratorium and Tactile dome. Snack. Nimby tour. Necked in car. Airport.

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