Goings on

Bought a “Calder” bed from Room and Board.

Bought “Benton” shelves from Pier One.

Both will arrive within the next two weeks.

The hike was cancelled due to rain :-( but I drove all the way there anyway. The fog and steep hills and rain and twisty roads and winds were intense. I decided not to try hiking myself after I walked 50 feet from my car, turned around and couldn’t see the car or any distinguishing features of the landscape. Intense.

Got a running shirt and stuff to waterproof my jacket at REI. (a shirt that is fairly warm, light, breathable and does that moisture wicking thing)

Helped Dorty with her computer today.

Helped Samantha with her secret project yesterday.

Friday, I broke the new Feed Automator at work (that’s a good thing when you’re QA :-)


  1. amykins says:

    be careful in conditions like that…

    I have spent hours lookinga t cases of folks who go for hikes and then end up a mangled mess…

    never do it alone either, promise?

  2. Laura says:

    Hrm, would that be for Arthur Calder? Perhaps we need to get your some tricked out mobiles for the ceiling.

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