Got a Bed

I got a mattress. I slept well last night. The Swedes are helping feel a bit more at home with their Sultan Hasselbäck. And thanks to Linden for helping me get the bed home… again! He helped get the first, failed bed home as well.

Next up, a bed frame that costs almost 3 times what the mattress costs.

But I’m returning the $1,500 rug. I just can’t conscience walking on something that expensive in this place. I’ll buy a vacation in the desert or something with the money saved.


  1. amykins says:

    you, YOU spent 1500 on a RUG? that is so not like you, at all…

    mom and dad maybe, but YOU?

  2. Charlotte says:

    So, nesting tip 3.14…..
    find a good quality, thick mattress pad — hypoallergenic with a tight weave–to reduce exposure to allergens (dust mites are a common antagonist for most people) and prolong the life of the matress.

    High thread count bed linens reduce reactions to dust/dust mites and such not only on matress but also in the nice, fluffy pillows. Nocturnal quality consultations for minimal fees.

    Beautiful rugs…none for me as long as Zoe & Aidan and all the other beautiful kids of potluck insist on assertively grinding chocolate cake into the fibers. remindme soemtime, and I shall tell you the tale of Aidan, green clay and Jeremy! : )

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