Switching your cell phone plan to save money

If you are going over your cell phone minutes for the month, call your provider and tell them you want to switch to a plan with more minutes for the current month. With T-Mobile, you have to call them on the telephone, you can’t just use their web site to change your plan.

Likewise, if you are using less minutes, switch to a less expensive plan for the current month. I’ve done this several times now with T-Mobile. Before moving, I had a 300 minute plan. When I was driving cross-country, I upped to the 1,000 minute plan. Now I’m back down to 600 minutes.

Getting hit with overages of $0.40/minute is st00pid.

In a few months, after I settle down with a lease on November 15th, I might join in with my sister’s plan, getting 1,000 minutes for $30/month. I’ll wait to see how good T-Mobile service is in my new house.

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