Stolen Bike Report


Also on the bike was a silver feather belonging to Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess and embodiment of truth, tied to the front; but I figured the police didn’t really need to know that.

The lock was a Masterlock Quantum 12. from Cycleworks, 55 Rt. 206 Stanhope NJ 07874, (973) 347-3733. The thief might have defeated it by:

  • pulling the whole set over the top of the parking meter and walking off with it.
  • watching me scramble the combination
  • cutting the cable

Your online report has been approved and the permanent case number is 051014989.

update 9-19-05: here’s what I figure. I had purchased an inexpensive lock for an inexpensive bike. My main purpose was to protect it from joy riders on the playa and thieves in Hackettstown New Jersey. When I locked my bike up in the Mission District, San Francisco I should have been thinking about protecting my bike from an entirely different kind of criminal. I messed up. Oop.

I called Masterlock… there was no theft warrantee on my lock. The lock only cost $30… it protected me from the kinds of bad guys I was trying to protect it from.


  1. WTL says:

    Geezus. That completely blows. How can that happen in front of a store – during daylight hours?

    I guess you’ll be getting another one… And a better bike lock?

  2. Lee says:

    Next bike will likely be packing 49CCs and a big-friggin lock (or at least one with an anti-theft warrantee… and maybe a tazer alarm. I’m checking now but I don’t think the Quantum 12 has an anti-theft warrantee. It was only a $30 lock.

    I think the spot that I got myself in trouble here was that I purchased a lock based on the idea that I would only use it on the playa and in bucolic Hackettstown New Jersey. The threats there are much more in the joy-rider category.

  3. Lee says:

    You’ve been hacked Lee!

  4. Scott says:

    Just kidding Lee, you were not hacked, did I scare you? For a millisecond at least? You just left yourself logged in on the upstairs computer. I logged you out.

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