Job interview went well

I told you earlier that I had a job interview today in NYC for a job in the Bay Area. The interview went very well and there’s a very good chance I’ll have a job by the time I get out there. A few caviats: it’s only a part-time job for now. And (for better or worse) it’s a total telecommuting job. All I need is a phone, high speed internet and a computer. I won’t even have a desk in Cali.

After the money-people at the company give the thumbs-up, I’ll be employed.

When that happens, I’ll even tell you the name of the company. :-)


  1. WTL says:

    Good for you! Congrats!

  2. Lee says:

    Thank you very much! It felt FANTASTIC walking into this place because I knew the subject cold and was ready to start that second. It’s like raising a hammer high before striking a nail.

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