Wow. Housingmaps.com When I went looking for a newspaper to find an apartment in the Bay Area, I came up extremely short. Newspaper listings were very slim and the ones that were in the paper didn’t look very good. That is when I realized that, in the Bay Area, print is dead.

If you want to find a job, a place to live, a relationship, a couch, most things… you go to Craigslist.

Now, taking this whole inter-web thing one logical step further: www.housingmaps.com

It’s amazing. It’s easy to use. It’s…. obvious. After years of nobody thinking to put all these kinds of elements together, this match is (in hindsight) perfectly obvious and perfectly terrific.

The days of print classifieds for a variety of items are numbered.


  1. Mark Wells says:

    An Associated Press story also mentioned another free real estate site where you can find homes for sale by mapping your search results on a Google Map: http://www.cytadia.us


  2. Lee says:

    Yeah but cytadia has 1,500 listings nationwide and Housingmaps has tens, if not hundreds of thousands.

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