More Bandwidth, Wee!

In celebration of me upping my web hosting plan with Spenix, I present to you two videos that make me smile very very much.

A British Volkswagen advertisement for “The new Golf GTI. The original, updated.” It features Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain… updated. (5.6 megabytes)

An advertisement for DC Shoes, “March Madness at the DC Training Facility” wherein the improbable is commonplace. (8.6 megabytes)

Hint: I usually prefer to right-click save-link-as and then play the video full-screen. The resolution isn’t as tight but I can’t stand trying to watch postage-stamp sized video when I’ve got a 19″ monitor in front of me.

And of course, downloads of these files are going to blow my additional 10 gig of transfers/month in no time…. but hey!

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  1. Lee says:

    I still totally love these videos!

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