Groovy real world Half Life 2

Is it live or Memorex?
This guy created some amazing CGI/real-life crossover images. He says, “…and anyone with a camera and a relativly fast computer can make this.”

I almost believe him. It’s still astounding that some guy with a computer and a little drive can make these images, which are more realistic than the best movie special effects from 5 years ago.

He goes on to mention

All you need is:

A digital camera

A reflective sphere (which you see in a few photos) to capture the lighting of the real-life scene which you want to composite your model into.

A small program called HDRShop.

Big program called 3D Studio Max.

and finally you need a good renderer such as VRay.

Then of course you need the tools to get HL2 models into 3dsmax: GFScape, a HL2 Model importer, and a texuture and model converter


(He neglects to mention the approximate $5k price tage of the software, but hey)

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