Here’s an article about a guy becoming an eBay opium addict. I was thinking that he sounded like he was speaking from a place of authority on the matter so I checked on it…

He wrote: eBay Poppies!

There were online pharmacies on the Internet. I ordered Tramadol from Mexico and Nurofen Plus with the legal max 12.8 milligrams of codeine per tablet from New Zealand. Then that got tougher.

Illustration By Sandra Hoover
Finally, I found eBay. I had been looking for old motel stationery and fake Jackson Pollock drip paintings. They sold everything–why not drugs?

I typed “poppy pods” into the search bar.

Like anyone trolling the Internet at 4 a.m., I had been looking for some kind of temporary drug fix. I found it on eBay under Crafts>Floral Supplies>Flowers, Foliage>Dried.

Crafting. Sure. I liked art.

And, there they were! (Yes, that is a real eBay screenshot)

Now, I’m all for the legalization of most recreational drugs as long as they come with appropriate warning labels on them, but… and please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t opium a “controlled” substance?

It’s pretty intense, following the buying patterns of these buyers via their feedback. Over the course of a few weeks, first they buy a little…. and then they buy a lot. And then they buy a real lot.


  1. GBillet says:

    This is an amazing story–how come thwe press hasn’t picked up on it?

  2. The thing is these are dried poppy pods. There is a huge different to these and the under ripe pods you need to have in order to drain the latex sap required to try and produce drugs such as morphine. In dried poppy pods you can get the poppy seeds (the same seeds you get on poppy seed bagels) but you won’t get a high off them, so I am told. Any legitimate supplier of these dried poppy pods are going to issue a warning against consumption or ingestion of the pods, but once they are in the hands of the purchaser the supplier no longer has control of how they are being used. This is not a cop out, and if we get information of any of our customers buying our products for illegal purposes we will refuse to sell to them. Dried poppy pods are legitimately used in flower arranging and other crafts, but it is the constant misuse of the product by some individuals that has forced eBay’s hand into banning the sale of them on their website.

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