Problems with Understandable Statistics by Brase and Brase

Concerning Understandable Statistics, Seventh Edition by Brase, Charles Henry Brase

I took this course last year at Warren County Community College. I found myself very interested in the subject. There were problems though. Several times I had to bite my tongue in class or while speaking one-on-one with the teacher else I show her up… and that is an uncomfortable proposition! Also, the book SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

So, I often found myself sitting in class, not listening to the teacher and correcting the mistakes in the textbook with my pencil. And this is from someone who hasn’t ever taken Statistics before! One sunny day in the back of the classroom, I went ahead and wrote an “Authors Note to Students” on one of those pages that was intentionally left blank.

Authors Note to Students

Although this book is in its 7th edition, no care has been put into making this extremely interesting topic easy or accessible. To this end, Brase and I have made sure to not explain the variables in our equations, not describe our reasonings in “English” and not show each of the steps in the examples that we give. In addition, we have placed several exciting “Easter Eggs” in the form of incorrect or poorly reasoned answers in the Answer Key. This is designed to enhance your classroom experience by giving you all something to talk about in class.

We hope that you enjoy this text as much as we have enjoyed the boat that you have collectively bought us. Don’t forget to buy our 8th Edition, the exciting page renumbering of the popular 7th Edition!

Brace & Brace


  1. dalton says:

    hi im dalton, im a senior in high school and i just want to know, since my teacher doestn help with this book, because i have the same class and book, if there is a online answer key or something so i can just copy all the anwsers? NOT JUST ODD PROBLEMS!!!

  2. lee says:

    Sorry dalton, you’ve got to do those problems on your own.

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