Goings on..

I’m finally pretty good at flying the Projeti. It still scares me on take off but it’s such a beautiful thing once it’s off the ground. My fav: take off at 3/4 throttle. Gain enough speed to fly stable. Quickly verify trim. Full throttle. Climb out at 80 degree angle up to 400 ft, like a frigging spaceship!

New plane has arrived. I haven’t gotten to assembling it yet.

I was planning on replacing the defective hard drive in my Tivo with another myself but I just don’t have the time to spare. So I bought a pre-configured drive from PTV Upgrade. It works wonderfully. The new drive is whisper quiet, 160 gig (Tivo can only use 137 gig for a total of 140 hrs on Basic mode) and it installed in 10 minutes. I’m quite happy so far!

I have health insurance for the first time in about 1 1/2 years. Of course, the $2,500 deductible makes me frown though.

My aunt is asking me to help her start a new community newsletter like The Panther. That’ll be good.

I went on a date with someone from Match.com. It went really well. We’ll see…

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