Projeti Coolness

I took her out today. It’s really a blast. My favorite from today was taking off at 3/4 throttle, taking a moment to verify stability and then giving her full throttle. She pulled out at an 80 degree angle until I told her to stop… about 400 feet. I’d have her go higher but I can’t see her any further away!I lost my 10 cell NiMH :-( I was practicing hammerheads (and getting moderately good, I might add!) when the battery fell out. I foolishly watched the big yellow plane fall all the way to the ground instead of following the tiny little battery. I looked for about 30 minutes but no luck. Well, I guess I’ll be getting a new matched set of NiMHs.

Wow, can build me a 10 cell generic 1050 mah pack with Dean connectors for $20/pack. That’s like 1/2 the price of my local hobby shop, with -exactly- what I’m looking for instead of whatever happens to be in stock.

I’ll wait to put together the Trick 1000 and see how it flies with the LiPoly pack. Then I’ll probably get a double set of batteries.

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