Favorite Moves

Very nice day at the field. I played with doing a kind of Immelman. Fun! My maneuver was a bit different. I did my 1/2 roll while in the vertical. That seemed like more fun at the moment.Today I felt much more connected to the plane than previously. This gave me a lot more control and smoothness than I’ve had in the past. I’m rolling better, managing power better, managing the exchange of altitude and speed better.

Favorite moves:

  • Launching, giving it full throttle and watching it climb directly away from me in a straight line, ascending at 20 degrees. It just gets smaller and smaller.
  • I was flying 45 degrees away from being into the wind and straight toward me. I noticed that in order to track correctly, the plane was actually side-slipping a lot. We don’t need no stinking rudder!
  • Standing in the middle of the field and having the plane zip around me like a loyal dog darting around in the grass.
  • Getting up to 250 feet, pointing the plane directly at me, building up speed and then bringing the plane straight up, right over my head. As it ascends, I roll. My view sees a dark line in the sky rotating around an axis. I then pull out and dart away.
  • Flying by low and slow, low and fast, low and really really fast out of a steep decent, low and really slo[crash!] oop! When it flies by, engine off, silent except for a “shhhoo” of air, I grin ear to ear.

Oh, I forgot to mention what I did on Sunday! I went to the Poconos field.  I watched just one Stick 40 combat. Zowie! They had to cancel the rest of the combat because moisture was tearing the streamers after just a few seconds in the air. I saw a plane on the ground rev into a fence, shooting 1/3 of a prop 50 feet over peoples’ heads and into the side of the truck. The fuselage of the plane was broken  in-two. Lastly, back at Great Meadows, I saw a 7′ wingspan pattern plane (?) do looping, rolling, flipping 3-D tricks that blew my mind. My jaw was literally agape! It looked like a sprite fluttering about, only this sprite was larger than me and weighed like 50 pounds. Earlier in the day, I was impressed with a biplane doing what looked like shoulder rolls. But this new stuff was in a class 3 times removed.

Oh, I also tried flying at a local unused baseball field. I can now tell you that I can just barely keep the Zagi flying in a little league baseball field. I can also tell you that it sucks to have to fetch a plane in chest-high grass. Personal note: That’s about the smallest field I think I could ever fly at.

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