Spam Poetry

I get around 40 spams a day, every day… some 13 thousand per year. Happily the vast majority get filtered out. But occasionally one makes it through the gauntlet… making it to the right email address, not stopped by Spamkiller, and not deleted by my unconscious brain. Today I got…. it’s just…. so….

Here, you look at it and tell me what you think:

From: “Clara”
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 11:33:25 -0000
Subject: Letter@5CHBSVDfFy3uqHBs

Hi Lee.
Possibly you are waiting for this inventive mail, is it precise?
Expect yes!
My Sugar buddy I have Nice news for you.
Now you can Look at this page and do your prurient things.

< <[the rest of the url removed by Lee] >>

With love, Clara Young.

Now, I’m sure it’s probably just another porn site, but is this email unintentional poetry? Read it again, with feeling.

In other news, I went over for a visit to slashdot and was befuddled by the dizzyingly low signal-to-noise ratio of the comments that people post there. Though there is no lack of volume! What a weird sub-culture. Their headlines are top-notch though. Thinking back to my previous excursions to the site over the years, I recall that they’ve never had any useful commenters there.

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