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Kevin Trudeau, A Great Liar But Not Great Enough

Wow, Wikipedia shows Kevin Trudeau to be, if not a great snake oil salesman, an oft fined and imprisoned character. Hopefully his recent 10 year sentence in federal prison will keep him out of trouble for a while. He has been selling goods with false claims for many years, and getting caught and fined most […]

Purnail is an expensive scam, likely rebranded Fungisil snake oil

Purnail is a toenail product to treat nail fungus. It’s active ingredient, undecylinic acid is available for about 1/40th the price at your local CVS! For example, $13 for 1 ounce of 25% undecylinic acid in Fungicure vs $60 for 0.3 ounces of 10% undecylinic acid in Purnail. Purnail is a scam. I’d like to […]

Claripro is a Scam

Claripro is marketed as a product to eliminate nail fungus. It’s crap. Let me count the ways… Their website don’t say what is in the product because there is nothing useful in it. All of the claims on the site are specious: The site says “FDA Registered Company” which means nothing. “As advertised on MSN,…” […]

Trying Coco Nail

I’m trying out a new nail fungus treatment tentatively called Coco Nail. It is from Biotectics. I’ve got nothing to say about it yet. We’ll see how it goes!

Funginix is a scam

In case you were thinking of trying Funginix, I would suggest that you not give those scamming scammers any money. Their website looks pretty but if you read it closely at all, you can see that they sound more like snake oil salesmen than sellers of a medical product. Their website is ridiculous. Let me […]

Nonyx Nail Gel: Part 4

Here is yet another followup post for my very popular and very useful “Nonyx Nail Gel” post. This topic has so many comments that it’s hard to sort through them, so here is another post. Before posting a question here, please check my other posts on nail fungus: Search my blog for the word “fungus”. […]