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Double Oh Art

Warning: Your head may explode.

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I Studied Philosophy in College for What?

I was a philosophy major in college for 6 glorious weeks, long enough to sign up for a bucket of classes tastier than KFC, classes like “Theory of Human Nature” and “Nietzsche and You”. But all I really needed was SMBC Theater!

(SMBC Theater – Death)

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Ugly Renaissance Babies

I got a great laugh from the many images on

Thanks Charlotte for pointing it out and bearing with me while I laughed for 10 minutes straight on the phone.

Neri di Bicci, Madonna and Child (detail)

There’s nothing quite like being sexually molested by the son of god to really put you in a shitty mood. Am I right, ladies?



Renaissance Babies in various stages of choking and passing out from noxious fumes: A Study.

Effing OK Go Does it Again

OK Go – Needing/Getting: a music video made with a car

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Devastating Explosions

Star Wars – Longest Crash Ever

You don’t need to waste your time watching this. But you will. And you will laugh.

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